Optical Industry Franchise Opportunities

Optical Industry Franchise Opportunities

The optical industry operates at the intersection of healthcare and retail, and it is not only sustainable but expected to grow as the population ages.

If you’ve been researching how to start an optical business, you already know that it’s not typically a simple undertaking. There’s lots of red tape to cut through, and many moving pieces (like local regulations for businesses and optometry) need to be addressed. Our key differentiator is that we’ve worked hard to simplify things for our franchisees and customers alike.

  • We provide our franchisees with comprehensive support from start to finish, helping them open their doors as quickly as possible.
  • Our emphasis on technology helps to keep overhead costs low and operations streamlined.
  • Our connections with frame vendors make the process of ordering glasses simple and affordable for customers.


Because we utilize technology to keep costs low for our clients and franchisees alike, the estimated initial investment includes the equipment needed to provide comprehensive and in-demand eye care services. 

As a result of this easy-to-use system, we don’t need to invest in much of the costly machinery that other optometry businesses need. Our optometry franchise is a convenient and affordable option for customers.

Of course, we’re also able to keep costs low for our franchisees by utilizing technology in other areas. For instance, our proprietary software automates order processing and minimizes administrative tasks, saving them valuable time and money as they run their new business.

Sound interesting?  Then call us for an obligation free discussion of the locations available, the estimated initial investment, and how this could be the investment for you.



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