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  • Have Questions about finding Freelancers?

    How do I add a job?

    Define the job and specify the types of skills needed to work on it. Posting is absolutely free.

  • How do I select a Freelancer?


    You will instantly start getting proposals from our qualified freelancers. Pick your perfect freelancer.

  • How do I pay?


    Make the payment for the project to get it started. Global Medikal holds the payment in escrow.

    Happy with the work done? Release payment to the freelancer.

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Build a freelance career from where you stand and reach out to hundreds of clients! Make a living out of your passion, managing your own time and workplace.

  • What jobs are available?

    Medical Staffing

    Global Medikal specializes in medical staffing jobs.  so if you are a nurse, carer, physician, specialist or therapist, or support these roles, we probably have opportunities for you.

  • Do I work online or in person?

    Medical Careers

    Most of the positions you will find on Global Medikal are Telehealth.  However, we often have postings for positions in Australia, Canada or the USA.

  • I want to work in Australia, Canada or the USA. Can you help?

    Working in Australia, Canada or the USA

    Global Medikal can advise you on the practicalities of migrating to Australia, Canada or the USA.  Contact us at to discuss your plans.

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